Chapter 2: “We must open our ears to the cries of the eagle”

Before entering into the subject of the next federal assimilation programme, namely adoption, we must turn to another important and inspiring historic moment in Native American history: the rise of activism. The title of this chapter is a quote and homage to Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement. The generation of Indians inSigue leyendo “Chapter 2: “We must open our ears to the cries of the eagle””


For centuries native communities in the USA and Canada have been murdered, displaced and broken by the European colonies that “discovered” them.  Though there have been some attempts at admitting past mistakes and conciliation (as Mark Charles states in one of his TED talks, for there to be reconciliation there has to be a pre-existingSigue leyendo “Chapter 1: BOARDING SCHOOLS FOR NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN”

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