There is an ancient saying, from the time of the Muslim reign in Spain, that says “There is nothing sadder than being blind in Granada”, because of this city’s historic beauty.

In current times, when the Chilean people are fighting for their rights, not just civil rights but human rights, my heart breaks and I think of all that have fallen or have lost a primary natural right, their sight. THERE IS NOTHING SADDER THAN FIGHTING FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLE AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE PEACE AND JUSTICE THAT IS TO COME. Not being able to see how their families and neighbours still fight, with more rage than ever, so that their loss was not in vain and to see the peace, the dignity and the respect to the people who have been oppressed and ignored by their “representatives”.

Please listen, the governing elite that run the country of the Chilean people without being Chilean yourselves. Chile is its people, it suffers, works hard, fighting against a system and a government whose main objective is to suck every drop of sweat and tear of the people they “represent”. You don’t sweat, you don’t suffer, you don’t have debts, you don’t die, lose your sight, you’re not tortured or put down, you’re not lacking in water, work, food, in fact, you are the owners of the water, mines, the companies that pollute, you’re the owners of the forests, the sea, and you do not discriminate when it comes to ruining lives, you don’t care about age, skin colour, place of origin, gender, in that sense you are very generous and take equally.

Chilean people are empathetic and charitable, neighbours help each other, firefighters work voluntarily to help their equals in moments of danger, activists that are suppressed and ignored, silenced, threatened or have “committed suicide”. The people are more united than ever before and you will find it very hard to defeat them.

All over the world, there are millions of people fighting against their own “representatives” for a dignified life, but personally, Chile’s situation comes very close to my heart. I, like many others in this country and the world, have in my veins the blood of the persecuted, the tortured, the exiled, the Chilean that simply wanted a dignified country which respected all its people. I cried with anguish when I saw the army on the streets of Santiago, with every torture, aggression and death of these last three months, but  I also cried with hope, seeing so many generations on the streets, fighting: the generation of the dictatorship that lost everything; the generation that learned to stay silent out of fear; the generations that grew up seeing and feeling the suffering of their parents and grandparents; the generation that, like my father, could return to his beloved Chile after many years of exile; the generation of those who raise their voices and flags from the different corners of the planet that they now call home; and the new generation, that inspired many to start this fight more than three months ago and that every day go out to the streets on their own to defend the people’s demands and that in mass protests place themselves on the frontline.

I also feel emotional when I see every piece of news about activities about groups, big or small, or sometimes individual, Chilean or foreigners that live in and love this country, who find ways of helping the victims of police brutality, the victims of the government’s negligence in attending to the BASIC needs of thousands of communities and the Mapuche people who are still fighting. To all of you, THANK  YOU, thank you for being Chileans at heart, whether you were born here or not, that help the people and its victims, whether you know them or not. Thank you for your humanity! Thank you for your solidarity!

The Chilean people don’t dance alone anymore, the victims, past and present, don’t dance alone, we are millions of Chileans in and outside the country alongside citizens of many other countries that dance with the people of Chile to the tune of social justice.

Finally, I would like to invite all my readers to click on the following link to donate to victims of police brutality and share, let them know that they don’t dance alone.



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